Extended clinical hours

Our current space currently poses more than a few logistical and space challenges for our clinic. Below lists our current challenges where we currently reside:

Logistical Challenges

  • Switching chiropractic exams rooms into medical exam rooms twice a week

  • Our sub-lease is only available twice a week

exam room challenges

  • The chiropractic offices are carpeted which limits the level of urgent care that we can provide - nothing invasive can happen.

office and community space challenges

  • The Medical Director and Executive Director do not have offices. Currently our Executive Director works out of the attic.

  • Additionally, we do not have space to host community education and wellness workshops

LABORATORY challenges

  • Our lack of a full lab often makes things difficult when it comes to urgent care. We currently have a sink with some counter space and small refrigerator to store vaccines.

  • Treatment decisions in an office environment is often most accurate when certain labs are available (which include Point-of-Care labs such as hemoglobin, electrolytes, influenza, beta strep, glucose, pregnancy, etc.). An inability to get that kind of information on a timely basis is what often drives a referral to the ER—definitely something we want to avoid, if possible.

All of these challenges will be addressed in our impending move. We have 4 dedicated medical exam rooms with non-carpeted floors, a dedicated lab space, office space for our directors, and community space for our patients and volunteers.

Questions? For more information, contact David Wallace, Executive Director,, and Elisia Campos, Capital Campaign Assistant,