We believe that you have a right to high-quality, comprehensive healthcare

Who we serve

adults 18 years & older

adults 18 years & older

the uninsured*

the uninsured*

living in San Francisco or San Mateo county

living in San Francisco or San Mateo county



*cannot have private insurance, Medical (except emergency only), Medicare (except for Part A or D), Healthy SF, ACE, or Cover CA)

Are you a resident of San Francisco or San Mateo counties, who does not have Medicare, Medi-Cal or private insurance? If so, please contact us to schedule an eligibility appointment to determine how we can help. If you have a health concern, have not seen a doctor in a while, or you want primary care, preventative care, or wellness screenings, our dedicated volunteer staff is committed to serving you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in responding to your needs quickly—and pledge to get you into the clinic within two weeks of your initial contact with us.

Services Available - All Free

Currently all medical services are provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Services are available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin and Cantonese

  • Primary and On-going Care

  • Wellness / General Health Exams

  • Preventive Care

  • Prescription Assistance

  • Health Coaching & Health Education

  • Acute care and minor procedures

  • Immigration Physicals

  • Referrals for x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s, and other diagnostic tests

  • Referrals for operations and specialty care

To become a patient, you will need to call to schedule an eligibility appointment and bring the following documents:


Photo ID

(one of the following)

Driver’s License or state issued ID


School ID


Proof of Address

(one of the following)

Current utility bill

Rent Receipts

Written Letter of Residency


Proof of Income

(submit all available)

2 current pay-stubs

income from unemployment social security, pension, child support/alimony,

a signed letter verifying monthly income



Current copies of all checking and savings accounts statements

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