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Clinic by the Bay has improved the lives of 2,400+ patients and 1,000+ volunteers, those of their families and their employers, and the well-being of the communities we all belong to.

“To Clinic By the Bay – Thank you for what you do! I came back to the San Francisco Bay from Europe after ten years with no money and no clue how to get back on my feet. I think this place probably saved my life and gave me some hope that I could get things back in order. All of the doctors have a fantastic bedside manner and made me feel more cared for than any other doctor in an expensive clinical setting. Thank you for being inspiring.”
— former patient, now donor
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“Encontre mucha ayuda de parte del personal de las citas y la ayuda profesional de los doctores, son muy amables y te dan la atencion con mucho carino, dios los bendiga.”

 My name is Sylvia and I am from Lima, Peru. I am 59 years old and I would like to share with you my story and experience with Clinic By the Bay.  One day I was walking through the Mission when I saw an advertisement for a place that said they provided healthcare assistance. I submitted an application and was accepted.

I was married for over 23 years. During this relationship I suffered through psychological violence.  Maybe it was because I was alone and without any family to support me that I endured this relationship.  But one day I told myself that I must stop after discovering I was being deceived in my relationship.

At Clinic By the Bay, I met their counselor Shelia who I desperately needed since I was completely depressed. She helped me overcome my fears and little by little I became aware that you have to learn how to value yourself and that as a woman one can go on with life and it does not end here. Together with her, we worked little by little on my case and I now feel very happy, and above all, deep in my heart I am at peace. Even though I am an older woman who is alone, I can fight for new goals and ideals. I needed a professional individual like Shelia to express my situation.

Although it was difficult in the beginning, as time passed, the wounds started healing little by little with therapy. In addition to this counseling support, I love the medical services I receive from the doctors. They are very good with me; they worry about me frequently and go through a lot of trouble to care for me. Even though you do not know me, I hope that you can support the clinic so that many more people can enjoy better health. As you know, health is very important and is something that money cannot buy. You will feel happy in your heart, and just think that at some point in time you might go through a situation similar to mine.  Thank you for your generous support, and may god bless you and your beautiful families.



Marvin Guerra came to the United States from Honduras with his wife and four children 25 years ago, it wasn’t until the fall of 2015 that he became a patient at Clinic by the Bay. Marvin, who works as a truck driver, first came to the Clinic for joint and back pain after being referred by a friend. Prior to seeing us, Marvin had not seen a doctor in over three years. Though he also received advice about his diet & exercise, these initial appointments focused on treating his pain.

But for the past few months, he has been working with one of our health coaches to develop a detailed care plan. As a result of following this plan, he was able to lose 40 pounds, his cholesterol levels returned to normal, his liver tests which had previously been too fatty returned to normal, and his blood pressure returned to a level such that it no longer requires treatment.

Since working with a health coach, Marvin’s daily life has changed for the better. In regards to his progress, Marvin said, “I have learned what to eat to be healthy as well as the consequences of eating unhealthy. I’ve learned about eating a balanced diet and how that affects not only my body, but also my mind.”  When asked what he liked about health coaching Marvin replied, “The motivation that they provide. I also enjoyed setting goals with them and, because of their motivation, accomplishing them.”

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“Clinic by the Bay cares about me and really listens. Please support CBTB in any way you can because the work they do for us really matters!”

Christine, an unemployed cook from Daly City, was worried about her health. She hadn’t been to a doctor in two years, and was having chest pains. She had noticed flyers in the neighborhood and decided to call Clinic by the Bay to schedule an appointment. She made an appointment and was in front of a doctor the next week.

Christine’s initial in-clinic visit included a physical exam, an in-house EKG, and referrals to our partners— including x-rays from St. Luke’s, and lab-work from Labcorp. She returned to the Clinic to review her results and begin on a treatment plan that included medication and preventative care.

Today, years later, Christine is still a patient at Clinic by the Bay. She considers the Clinic her medical home and refers friends and family whenever they are seeking medical care or help with the many services the Clinic provides within the community.

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