Clinic by the Bay is Volunteer-Powered

At Clinic by the Bay, volunteers are essential to our mission and operations. Not only does Clinic by the Bay offer equitable health care, we also provide an opportunity for meaningful civic engagement and multi-generational learning.  More than half of our operating budget is received through the in-kind services of our volunteer staff. We engage retired and practicing medical professionals, medical students, and folks with various expertise as volunteers to provide compassionate, high-quality health care for low-income, uninsured adults in our community.

Often in the healthcare field, medical staff are limited by what care the patient can afford. However at Clinic by the Bay, our volunteers practice the art of medicine, rather than the business of healthcare.  Our model also allows for medical students to learn from the vast combined experience of our retired doctors and nurses as the students support and work alongside them as receptionists, scribes, interpreters, prescription assistants and in other essential clinic roles.


Why Volunteer?

  • focus on patients not computers, we have scribes!

  • be covered by our malpractice insurance

  • teaching & learning opportunities


How to Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Process.jpg

Our volunteer orientations are scheduled every six weeks. Please fill out a volunteer application and we will contact you as soon as possible. Contact us at 415.405.0207 ext.305 or to learn more about volunteering today.


Minimum Requirements

+ Be at least 18 years of age or older

+ Be able to commit to a minimum of six consecutive months

+ For the first 3 months of training, be able to commit to two volunteer shifts per month. Each shift if 4 hours.

After training period, be able to commit to at least one shift per month.

+ Be able to commit to three in-person training shifts

+ Be able to provide proof of a completed Tuberculosis test taken within the last six months

+ Licensed medical providers: please submit a current copy of their valid California license and agree to a background check. Click here for application

+ Licensed nurses: please submit a current copy of their valid California license. Click here for application

No special knowledge or experience is needed for many positions including receptionists, prescription assistants, community outreach and other roles. View the application for more info on available roles.