Remember the Alemany

The Alemany Emergency Hospital was originally opened and dedicated on August 16, 1933. This was the last of 7 emergency hospitals in the network to be built. It was the final hospital added to help address the growing community in the Excelsior district. The San Francisco Emergency Hospital System was heralded around the nation as one of the “world’s finest” and commended for their “exemplary service.” Read more below…

After the announcement that the remaining hospitals would be closed in 1978, there were many demonstrations against the closure. During this movement, volunteer power allowed the hospital to continue serving people of the Excelsior. They moved into the hospital - prepared meals, slept, cleaned up, waxed the floors, did the laundry, and more. Their efforts were reported as “the greatest grassroots movement in San Francisco” by the San Francisco Examiner. Unfortunately, the hospital did not survive this, and was closed almost 45 years to the date on August 24, 1978. Clinic by the Bay officially has the keys to the Historic Alemany Emergency Hospital. This historical landmark will be our new home and we will continue the tradition of volunteer-powered, high-quality primary care to San Francisco and San Mateo county. We hope that you will join us in this ambitious, amazing project—and help show San Francisco how to revitalize a neighborhood rather than gentrify it!

Practicing the art of medicine rather than the business of healthcare.
— Janet Reilly, Board President

We are excited to move into the Historical Alemany Emergency Hospital and revitalize a longstanding history of volunteer-powered, high-quality healthcare to our community here in San Francisco and San Mateo county. We plan to offer more clinical hours, continued support of behavioral and mental health, and dental services.

Our new home

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Questions? For more information, contact David Wallace, Executive Director,, and Elisia Campos, Capital Campaign Assistant,